Mo Vlogs was a legend of India’s Bollywood, but he never regrets leaving it


Mo Vlogs travelled West to pursue a glorious life of money, fame and body building. We can tell by the state of his Instagram, that he feels he made the right decision. He’s enjoying every last bit of his life here, and his status on social media.

Mo Vlogs already was a big name in India. He was famous for his successful body building, even though he claimed to be the the most fragile looking member of the family at first. He quickly ascended the ladder of the Indian fillm industry, but eventually he made the decision to continue life elsewhere. Mo Vlogs traded the spotlights for life in the West.

It’s now clear that Mo Vlogs is doing better than good. He doesn’t seem to miss his film carreer at all. He worked on his physique even more ever since, and now runs several gyms across the country. He designed many different training programs and now claims to have a program that would transform any person in a mere 14 weeks. His training programs are tough, but quick and still healthy.

It’s obvious that Mo Vlogs isn’t ashamed to show his success. His Instagram is constant proof of how great he’s doing, how much Mo Vlogs lives like a king, and how he’s enjoying every second of it. Giving up a successful life as an actor isn’t a decision easily made, so he deserves quite a bit of respect to follow his dreams and take the plunge.

As envious as we can get over this, let’s treat the story of Mo Vlogs as one that inspires us to stay ambitious, and to not be afraid of taking risks when you believe you’re making the decision that’s the right one for you.

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